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An long forgotten Evil stirs and plans for its return

The known kingdoms are on the verge of war

evil great and small stalk our land

and even our own gods have gone to war

The age of turmoil is apon us. Willour world be plunged into a age of Darkness or will there be a few who will step forth and reclaim our world and bring about

An Age Of Heroes

and so a new age has begun to read about our sessions go to the adventure log section

Welcome to An Age OF Heroes 4th edition campaign. We had a couple of sessions but we stoped playing for a couple of months because of christmas and our scheduales didnt match up right but we did just manage to play a game in May.I hope that we are able to play more reguraly now. And in the mean time ill be updateing the page.but if you stumbled across this page and happen to frequent the Rochester NH area and want to know a little bit more please feel free to drop me a line.or even if your not and have a question i would be happy to answer it anyway.this is kinda a newbie camapign for the current players as none of them have even played D&D before im always willing to teach.but anyone is welcome as long as there are slots open

Home Page

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