An Age Of Heroes

Chapter 1 Session 1


After many days travel on the road north our band of adventures have come to the Lowroad INN just inside the boarders of the Cirsus kingdom

The warmth of the Inn is a welcome change to the cold fall nights on the trade roads. After being welcomed by the owner of the establishment Brinben Bronzebell and wetting there lips on a few tankards of ale the once peacefull night is cute short by a scream from the back room. As Gweneth Steelhorn the owners wife bursts in from the back room and is soon followed by a group of Undead skeletons.taken by surprise Brinben is cornerd by one behind the bar as the others spread across the room.the undead foes quickly eliminated some of the Inns patrons.But thanks to a divne burst of energy some shifty foot work and the smashing of a tankerd againts some undead skulls the foes where quickly eliminated.And those left alive where asked to investigate where the undead had come from with the reward of a free night from the inn.and so our adventures went into the basement to investigate…

The dark dank basement of the inn was not as welcomeing as the fire and steins on the first floor.The muffled sound of flowing water and shambleing feet filled the room as our adventurers enterd the room.before them was the the store room of the inn. The undead where scattered across the room and a large freshly dug hole in the side wall.



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